Park 21W Re-development

To all members, players, past players and supporters

In the last few weeks we have kicked off the most important phase in our Club’s history - a redevelopment project that will guarantee our long term future. This is your opportunity to participate and ensure you, your children, and your children’s children are beneficiaries.

The appalling state of our existing facilities, together with the increasing demand, means the overall redevelopment project is significant:

  • Stage 1 Lighting the entire northern playing field area - 6 new poles, 31 new LED lights, and future proofing for potential night cricket.
  • Stage 2 Building new two story club rooms - multiple change rooms, balcony viewing, social area, significantly more storage space.
  • Stage 3 Re-positioned playing fields with new irrigation to enable multiple football, soccer, cricket and smaller sized fields for other sports like Ultimate Frisbee, AFL 9's etc.
  • Stage 4 A range of associated landscaping and public amenities, pathways, cricket nets.

Planning commenced over 5 years ago, and has successfully resulted in:

  • Endorsement from the Adelaide City Council (a feat in itself)
  • Preliminary agreement on terms for a long term lease
  • Completion of preliminary cost estimates and commencement of detailed construction planning
  • Funding commitments from several partners eg Adelaide City Council, Adelaide Community Sports and Recreation Association (formerly Adelaide Lutheran Sports and Recreation Association) and the SA Flying Disc Association

Stage 1 (budget $548,000) must be well progressed by mid-2021 in order to immediately expand the junior and senior football usage, and allow the fields to be used by a wide range of community groups. The ability to demonstrate expanded usage will meet the expectations of current and future funders and provide critical momentum for subsequent stages.

We need your support to help the Club contribute a sum of $95,000 so that Stage 1 continues and the whole project can become a reality.

Please donate today to help secure the future of your Club and create your own legacy!

Click HERE to view images of the planned redevelopment and to DONATE (donations are tax deductible)

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