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The Adelaide Lutheran Cricket Club evolved from the Unley Lutheran CC which played from 1967/68 to 1980/81. At the start of 1981/82, Concordia Old Collegians CC was formed and the direct links with the St Johns Unley Lutheran Church ceased. As the club had a number of members associated with the Adelaide Lutheran Football Club, the Adelaide Lutheran Cricket Club was formed in 1981/82.

Inaugural members of the club included Neil Eckermann (President in 81/82), Wayne Gladigau, (Secretary), Ian Williams (Captain), Adrian Fielke, Craig Fielke, Andrew Bettison and Kelvin Trimper. In the first five years the club trained at Concordia College but played its home games at Gilles Plains H.S., part of which is now a housing estate.

In its early years the club fielded a strong A Grade side and were runners up to the premiership in 1981/82, 82/83, and 84/85. In 1985/86 the club struggled to maintain its ascendancy and in 1986/87 it went into recess for one year. In 1987/88 and 88/89 it reformed in a lower grade and were again runners up to the D Grade Premiership in 1987/88. For these two seasons the home games were played at Tonsley Park P.S., which is now also a housing estate.

A further long recess took place until 1994/95 when the club reformed and played one season in the Adelaide and Suburban League, using the current Adelaide Lutheran Football Club oval, which after many years of hard work including installation of an irrigation system, was finally of a standard suitable for cricket use in the summer.

In 1995/96 the club rejoined the SACCA in the D Grade and gradually worked its way back to the A Grade competition. In 1999/2000 it won its first Premiership in the C grade and followed it up with the B Grade Premiership in 2000/2001.  In 2001/2002 it established two teams for the first time in A Grade and E Grade. In 2002/03 the club won its first A Grade Premiership defeating Para Vista on their home ground. The following year, 2003/04 was a milestone for the club with a double premiership in the A and D Grades. This was followed up with the A Grade premiership in 2005/06, captained by Peter Taylor, the clubs sixth overall premiership in 7 years.

The club won an A Grade Churches and Community Cricket Association (C&CCA) premiership in 2008/09 when they defeated the Adelaide City Blues at Bulldog Park and won B Grade and C Grade double premierships in the 2011/12, 2013/14 and 2015/16 seasons. In 2016/17 the A grade finally won another premiership after coming runners up several times in previous years. A further B Grade premiership (in C&CCA) was achieved in 2017/18. (15 Premierships in Total!).

In 2013 the cricket club joined Adelaide Lutheran Football & Netball to form the Adelaide Lutheran Sports Club with the aim of building an even stronger, united community sports club and provide a sporting outlet to club members over the summer months.

In 2017/18 the A Grade competed in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association (ATCA) for the first time and the club continues to field 3 strong teams across both ATCA & C&CCA.

In 2018/19 Adelaide Lutheran Cricket Club won the A Grade premiership in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association LO Division 2 Competition.

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