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ALSC Wins Div 7 and 7R Football Premierships


Congratulations to the A & B Grade Football Teams who were double premiers on the weekend.

Soder & Biggles Wrap Up


Football Grand Final Results - Double Premiership
A Grade
Adelaide Lutheran 14.8.92 defeated Para Hills 9.5.59
Goals: Scholefield, Goodall 3, Hickey, Stollznow, Hawthorne 2, Kowald, Murphy 1
Best: Scholefield, McFarlane, Hickey, Koenig, Noll, Anspach

B Grade
Adelaide Lutheran 8.12-60 def 2.8-20 Para Hills
Goal Kickers: J. Henty-Smith 2, J. Thiel, J. Ridley, C. Matthews, M. Dicker, E. Brereton, B. Baker
Best Players: E. Brereton, J. Henty-Smith, T. Sekay, D. Milligan, I. Nelson

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