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ALSC have won the DIV7R Premiership


B Grade Premiers

Congratulations to Duff winning the 4-Peat and taking out the Div 7R Premiership in 2020. Unfortunately the A Grade went down in a toughly fought contest. Full scores below.

Men's Football Grand Finals Results 26/9/20
A Grade
Brahma Lodge 8.11-59 def Adelaide Lutheran 6.8-44
Goal Kickers: D. Burgess 3, J. Stollznow, J. Brown, R. Miegel
Best Players: T. Kidney, C. Masters, P. Baker, J. Davies, D. Burgess, S. Bushaway

B Grade
Adelaide Lutheran 9.11-65 def Brahma Lodge 7.7-49
Goal Kickers: M. Stancl 3, I. Nelson 2, D. Siviour 2, S. Heavyside, J. Lines
Best Players: D. Siviour, G. Shuttleworth, T. Burgess, M. Richardson, S. Babolka, M. Stancl

A Grade Coaches Report
Coming soon

B Grade Coaches Report
Saturday we took on Brahma Lodge for the chance of the Ultimate glory, a flag. A 4-peat was also on the line but that paled in comparison to being able to honor our great mate Josh Henty-Smith.
We knew to get the job done vs Brahma Lodge we were probably going to have to play the best game we have played in four years. 
Damon “Norm Smith” Siviour was in the game early, gathering a shank of a kick from Brahma coming out of our forward line and hit Sam Heavyside 35 meters out from Goal. He calmly went back and slotted the first goal of the game within the first Minute.(fun fact it was the first goal he had ever kicked in a grand final).
Brahma had the ball in their forward 50 for the next ten minutes. Our back six, as they have all season, held strong keeping the tigers to just one point. Some good ball movement out of our backlines resulted in Matthew Stancl having a very tough shot on goal from the pocket, the kicked looked perfect off the boot but fell cm's short and was touched on the line.  
Brahma kept peppering our defense and finally got their first goal at the 15 min mark of the first quarter. 
The skipper Joel Clarke won the next clearance, hitting up young gun Tom Burgess, who laced out Damon “Norm Smith” Siviour, who went back and slotted our second goal of the game.
The tigers hit back nearly straight away with a nice snap from the pocket. 
At quarter time Brahma lead by two points. They had most of the play in their half for the quarter, but like I said early, the back six held strong.  We did look very dangerous every time we went forward so we knew if we could get more forward entry’s we could get on top. 
After a few inside 50s from us, it was Brahma that kicked the first goal of the second quarter. Brahma threw all they had at us in the next ten minutes, with Scott Babolka, Craig Bentley and young gun Tom Burgess showing they would put their bodies on the line for the doggies. After an arm wrestle for the middle part of the quarter, the tigers kicked their second goal of the term. When Brahma kicked a classy goal deep in the pocket they lead by three sangs and we were in some trouble. 
It was late in the quarter when Waylon Miller hit up Patty O’Neill for our first inside 50 since the early stages of the quarter. Unfortunately the kick from Patty wasn’t his best work shanking it out on the full, but that’s all we will say about that.
A free kick and 25 meter penalty to Issac Nelson that resulted in a goal just moments later, meant Patty’s kick didn’t hurt us and we stayed in touch. 
Bramha got the next clearance and kicked the goal just before half time taking their lead to 21 points and by the way they celebrated the goal I wouldn’t be surprised if they had ordered the premiership t-shirts at halftime.
People have asked if I was nervous going in 21 points down at half time and if I’m 100% honest as I went into the rooms I was maybe a little nervous but I also knew I still had a few little tricks left in the coaching bag. When the boys made it to the rooms the vibe was still very positive and by the time half time was over I knew we wouldn’t just lay down and that if Brahma was going to win it, they would have to earn it.
Young gun Tom Burgess got on the end of a huge defensive punch from Matthew Whitford and almost got us off to a perfect start to the second half but kicked a point.
The next 7 mins was some of the most intense B grade football I've seen in my four years coaching, with both teams tackling well and putting their heads over the footy. Our first goal of the quarter came when Mathew Stancl won a high free kick and slotted a goal from about 40 meters out.
Luke Siviour and Jeffrey “fountain of youth” Lines started to give us a lot across half forward and we started to get multiple inside 50s and shots on goals. It was once again Mathew Stancl who stepped up to kick our second goal of the quarter and all of a sudden we were back within 7 points.
Todd “the Body” Cyganvo was cracking in at each contest making Brahma earn every touch. When Issac Nelson kicked his second goal of the game we closed to within a point.
The tigers got the next clearance and went forward kicking a goal to go back 7 points up.
Hayden Scharnberg is somewhat an underrated player but he is always one of the very first picked every week and did like he does every week repeatedly won contest after contest.
Mathew Stancl once again put his head over the footy winning another free kick. He went back to slot his third goal of the quarter after the three quarter time siren, making it a 1 point game with a quarter to play.
There wasn’t much tactics talked at three quarter time, it was all about doing what ever it takes to get the job done for JHS#13. Chase, tackle, run, take the big hits for the team, whatever it takes to win this game.
Jeffrey “Fountain of youth” Lines tied the score up with an early point in the last quarter. A rushed behind moments later put us in the lead for the first time since the first quarter.
The tigers went the length of the field from the kick out to get a shot on goal but lucky for us they missed and the score was once again tied up.
The talls down back of Thomas Sekay, Micheal Menz, Matthew Whitford, Sam Bromilow and Daniel Minther all deserved the nickname of Leo Barry as they all took multiple game saving marks across half back.
The skipper Joel Clarke didn’t have much run left in his old legs but boy did he take some huge marks and laid some big tackles in the middle part of the quarter.
It was another rushed behind that put us back in front. Patty O’Neill seem to have taken the biggest mark of the day when he stood tall to take a mark 20 meters out straight in front of goal, unfortunately the only person at the ground that didn’t think it was a mark, was the umpire who said it was touched in the pack.
The tigers once again tied the game up with a point. Then Jeffrey “Fountain of youth” Lines put us back up by a point. A point to young gun Tom Burgess and a rushed behind gave us a three point lead.
Mark Richardson and Paul Kaesler-Smith were both instrumental in the ruck all day giving us first use of the ball.
It was again Jeffrey “Fountain of youth” Lines taking a strong mark inside 50, this time he kicked the goal putting us 9 points up with around 5 mins of game time left. The great man almost iced the game moments later but hit the post.
With the game almost over, one more big play would finish it and of course as he had done all day it was Damon “Norm Smith” Siviour putting his head over the footy and won a huge free kick straight in front of our goal. 
With only 40 seconds left on the clock as Damon went back to take his kick, the c grade players broke into a Beautiful rendition of John Denver’s “Country Roads” as Damon slotted his second goal of the day and with the siren sounding seconds after the goal, the 4-peat was complete.
It was a very special moment for the players post game as we received our premiership medals from Josh Henty-Smith's, dad Dave.
Damon Siviour was rightly given best on ground having 25 disposals, 15 kicks, 10 handballs, 6 tackles, 6 marks and 2 goals and playing the whole second half unchanged in the midfield.
As a coach I was just so proud of how every single player had a crack and put their bodies on the line. Willing themselves to make an impact at every contest. I think it shows how highly Josh Henty-Smith was regarded among the playing group to fight back from 21 points down at half time to win the flag.
My coaching future will be decided over the next month or so, but if my time is up at the doggies, it has been a pleasure and an honor to be involved in the doggies family over the last 7 years. It’s been an amazing Journey, with life long friends made.
Commiserations to Brock and the A grade group who gave their all vs a well drilled tigers outfit only to come up just short, but they did the club very proud.
A big thanks to my support staff Brad Harper, Riley Blackwell, Cameron Macleod and Mathew Koenig, your help has been invaluable.
That’s it from me this season.
Much love,
Peace out.

Duff 🏆🏆🏆🏆

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