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Glads Footy History Week 5 & 6


Week 6

Last week I had a pleasant surprise when Robbie Stewart contacted me by email about buying a book. Apparently he had been inspired by the Johnny Bugle story from last week. He then challenged me with my free  delivery offer when he told me that he and Bethany and their two girls were in Paris and were not able to return before the lockdown occurred. I did however manage to deliver a copy of the book on the weekend to his parents place at Hayborough.
This has prompted me to reflect on Robbie’s story. He was one of the country boys that Johnny Bugle talked about who have all contributed to make this a great “country club in the city”. Robbie joined the club in 2002 from Bordertown where his parents were teachers. He went on to play in 2 premierships (2004 and 2007) and played 87 games. I understand that there were a number of country lads who went to Bordertown High and ended up at Adelaide Lutheran via St Ann’s College, including Ben Schoelfield, Jared Harkness , Dylan Brady, Ash Window and Dags. I would be interested to hear from any of you  about other connections and am I right that there was a common theme with St Ann’s College?
This week, especially  for Robbie in Paris,  we celebrate his last premiership in 2007.

2007 B Grade Premiership

Week 5

Before we continue to celebrate our most recent past premierships (the next one is 2012 B grade) , this week we have a special treat for Doggie Fans. Between the years of circa  2000 to 2012 , the Club was blessed with the literary genius  of the elusive Johnny Bugle in the weekly Bulldog Bugle newsletter.
This week we present Johnny’s footy story from the book –“ A Country Practice” written about a number of country lads who graced the hallowed grounds of Bulldog Park.
You can read all about the Bugle and more classics from Johnny Bugle in the History Book etc etc

A Country Practice - Johnny Bugle

Don't forget if anyone wants a copy of the History book, A Bulldog for Me - 50 Years of Adelaide Lutheran Football, copies are still available to purchase (details here). Delivery will be free of charge from now on.”

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