Honour Board

Year President Secretary # of teams Highest Grade Position SAUCNA Best & Fairest
2006 Jayelen Reed Danielle Hadges 4 A1 8th Amy Parker
2007 Jayelen Reed Danielle Hadges 5 A2 Minor Premiers Emma Sutter
2008 Zoe Gower Kate Plew 7 A1 Premiers Penny Window
2009 Jayelen Reed Kate Plew 10 A1 Runners-Up  
2010 Jayelen Reed Kate Plew 12 A1 Premiers  
2011 Jayelen Reed Kate Plew 15 A1 Runners-Up  
2012 Jayelen Reed Kate Plew 14 A1 3rd  
2013 Megan Goss Kate Plew 16 A1 8th  
2014 Megan Goss Kate Plew 16 A2 x 2 (Blue & Red) Premiers (Blue) Nicole Howell (Red)
2015 Megan Goss Kate Plew 16 A1 Runners-Up Michelle Wenman
2016 Megan Goss Kate Plew 17 A1 6th  
2017 Megan Goss Kate Plew 16 A1 3rd Tammy Foster


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