Honour Board

Year President Secretary # of teams Highest Grade Position SAUCNA Best & Fairest
2006 Jayelen Reed Danielle Hadges 4 A1 8th Amy Parker
2007 Jayelen Reed Danielle Hadges 5 A2 Minor Premiers Emma Sutter
2008 Zoe Gower Kate Plew 7 A1 Premiers Penny Window
2009 Jayelen Reed Kate Plew 10 A1 Runners-Up  
2010 Jayelen Reed Kate Plew 12 A1 Premiers  
2011 Jayelen Reed Kate Plew 15 A1 Runners-Up  
2012 Jayelen Reed Kate Plew 14 A1 3rd  
2013 Megan Goss Kate Plew 16 A1 8th  
2014 Megan Goss Kate Plew 16 A2 x 2 (Blue & Red) Premiers (Blue) Nicole Howell (Red)
2015 Megan Goss Kate Plew 16 A1 Runners-Up Michelle Wenman
2016 Megan Goss Kate Plew 17 A1 6th  
2017 Megan Goss Kate Plew 16 A1 3rd Tammy Foster
2018 Megan Goss Kate Plew 16 A1 6th  
2019 Megan Goss Michelle Trezise 16 A1 4th  


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